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Reflections of a Collective Memory


Reflections of a Collective Memory reflects and explores how a community constructs its identity when it is built on a common memory. Through a series of black and white portraits, a story unfolds of these immigrants of Armenian descent who currently live in the Greater New York Area. Though my subjects are from different stages in life and styles of living, they all share a memory of the Armenian Genocide that happened almost a century ago. 


Telling this story in black and white, this body of work highlights how the memory of the Armenian Genocide is reflected in many areas of the Armenian community’s life today. The viewer is invited to witness the effects of a painful past and how it can reflect its shadow on the present. And yet, observe as well the notable expressions through painting and dance that capture this unique collective identity as it continues to grow in vibrancy from world-wide denial of the genocide. 

Of Armenian descent myself and a recent immigrant to New York City,  I was curious how this event might have shaped this community here. I discovered that it is very present in the community’s artwork, scholarly work, and even many day-to-day activities that the community maintains till this day, and strove to record this with this series.



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