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2015 Gay Pride Parade | NYC

This first picture for me summarizes this whole struggle. Kids show us their true feelings with pure innocence and honesty. If all parents and in other words - society as a whole - accept and show support and love, we probably would be in a much better place today.

Acceptance doesn't take much, but fighting, degrading and hating consumes much more energy and spreads more negativity into this world. Refusing the other simply becuase they are different only breaks our most valued trait as humans - LOVE! The ability to love and think is what makes us unique on this planet - if we can think then we should be able to understand our differences and embrace rather than hate without any justification!

The 2015 Gay Pride happens to be in a historical year that started a new chapter in the fight for acceptance and tolerance in this country. Still a lot needs to be done within people's minds and hearts. But setting laws that promotes and protects equality is certainly the right way of heading towards that path!

Love Wins

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